About Us

Welcome to Intrigue Standard Poodles. We are nestled in the mountains above Christina Lake, British Columbia, Canada, on 85 beautiful acres. Our three children are grown now, and the days of 4-H meetings, horse shows, and raising livestock are in the past. Life here has always revolved around animals and striving for excellence in quality and care. That tradition continues today with our certified organic blueberries, and in our Standard Poodle breeding program. We are proud of our dogs and their accomplishments.


I grew up with toy Poodles, but after I married, and our children were young, we got our first Standard Poodle. We knew then, there was no turning back. What an incredibly delightful breed this is. Over the years we have added a few new members to our Poodle family, always careful to choose wisely from lines with excellent health and temperament as well as beauty. We now have more time to indulge them, and although we have plenty of space here, we keep the numbers small, because we believe each dog deserves individual attention everyday. Our dogs are not kenneled. They live in the house with us, sleep in the bedroom, ride in the car, and are part of our lives on a daily basis. They get lots of fresh air and exercise here on the farm. Our Poodles compete in conformation, and are on bird patrol in the field when the blueberries are ripe in the summertime! Their health and well being are of the upmost importance to us. We recycle, but not our dogs. Our old dogs are with us ‘until death do us part’.


Poodles, like all breeds, can have health issues, so genetic screening of all breeding stock is imperative, and results are listed on the OFA web site for your viewing. We x-ray hips and elbows, test eyes annually and screen for sebaceous adenitis, thyroid, and VonWillebrand’s disease via DNA testing. Every effort is put into guaranteeing that your show pup or family companion will be a happy, healthy, beautiful addition to your family for many years to come. All puppies come with a written 5 year health guarantee for all the things we test for and every litter is carefully planned and cared for as if it were our first. Spring is our preferred time to raise a litter or two, but we may have a fall litter instead, now and then. Quality rather than quantity is our priority. I am experienced with shipping, but I will not ship a puppy overseas.


I am a member of the Canadian Kennel Club, The Poodle Club of Canada, and have done Poodle rescue work. I was also involved in introducing Standard Poodles into the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society training program, years ago. Standard Poodles make wonderful therapy dogs. Their friendly, outgoing temperaments and high intelligence make them suitable for many tasks.

Feel free to phone and arrange to come and visit our Standard Poodle family and see where and how our puppies are raised. We raise beautiful black, white, and cream puppies now, and maybe a chance of apricot in the future.  All puppies placed in pet or companion homes are sold on a non-breeding contract and must be spayed or neutered. They are CKC registered, come with their first set of vaccinations, a current health certificate, copies of pedigrees, genetic testing, and health and training information. Show puppies are by treaty. I am here to answer questions for you, for the life of your dog, and I encourage feedback.


Things to consider before choosing a Standard Poodle:

Poodles are very social, sensitive, happy dogs who like to be with their families. If you work full time and no one else is home during the day, perhaps you should consider another breed. They do not do well if left as yard ornaments everyday.

Poodles do not shed, but need to be groomed on a regular basis. Check with your local groomer before you buy your puppy so you’ll know if this commitment fits into your budget.

Do you have a safe fenced area with indoor access on those occasions when you can’t take your Poodle with you?

These are active dogs. Can you provide proper exercise for your Poodle on a daily basis? And a quality food? How about puppy classes?

If you fit this criteria, and you love a Poodle’s air of distinction and loyalty, want a companion that is comical and full of fun, and is intelligent, sensible, protective and devoted, give me a call.

Linda Southwick
Intrigue Standard Poodles