CAN AM CH Sintaro’s Got Bling At Intrigue
Better known as “Farley”
DOB: 4-10-11



A Judge once told my handler, Jenna, that Farley was a good, honest dog. He is that, and so much more. He is patient and kind beyond words with our two year old twin Granddaughters, who he grew up with. We call it the mutual admiration society around here. He is well rounded, sometimes really silly, smart, friendly with everyone, and is a very happy, gentle soul. We love this boy, and I’m so grateful to my friend Ronda, of Sintaro Kennels for making me see white! He doesn’t get any dirtier than my black dogs!
Farley had an amazing show career, but I believe in letting a puppy be a puppy. They need to play and act goofy and run like the wind. I like my dogs to be home as much as possible, so I drove him back and forth to my handler, a nine hour drive plus a ferry ride, one way, so he could be home with us in between shows. We did our show weekends quickly, had him home for a couple of months to grow hair, and he had both his AM and CAN titles by the time he was 14 months old. He could have gone on and done more, but the biggest impression he makes is with his family, and all those who meet him. He’s as beautiful inside as he is out, and his movement absolutely takes your breath away.
Chasing Ravens out of the yard, and smaller birds out of the blueberry field is one of his favorite games, and he loves children, and riding in the car. Farley is always up for a new adventure! Greeting blueberry customers and learning to swim are on the agenda for this summer!