Puppy Alumni

There are many good reasons to have a dog in our lives. They are constant companions who ask very little of us really. All we have to do is love and care for them properly, and they give back to us ten fold that undeniable devotion we so admire in them. They make us feel proud, happy, and content. We mould them into what we want them to be, to fit our needs. And the latest research even says their presence in our lives makes us live longer. How great is that? It may be as simple as having a devoted companion to walk, run, or just share your days with. Maybe you like to compete in obedience, conformation or agility, or have a trained service dog to help you with tasks that are now hard for you. No better hiking partner than your dog. We all know how beneficial it is for children to have a family pet. And some of us are looking for a new companion after losing a long time doggie friend, not to take that one’s place, but rather to help us heal and fill another part of our heart. There are many reasons to have a dog in our life, if only to make us relax, and smile every single day.

Over the years I have received lots and lots of feed back, and many photos from my puppy families. Thank you for this, I always look forward to hearing back from you. Please don’t be disappointed if you don’t see your photos up here yet. This is just a drop in the bucket, as my photo files aren’t as organized as I’d like them to be. But I’ll keep adding to this as I find them, and receive new ones. These are some of our champions. Champions of our hearts and homes, and champions in the various rings as well. These puppies and Grand puppies are my true advertisers, as they are out and about with their people, doing fun things and meeting folks everywhere they go. This is my greatest reward for what I love to do.